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09 November 2009 @ 02:18 pm
through the treeeees  
So, I watched Jennifer's Body the other day and actually really enjoyed it. Some brief thoughts:

To start off, as far as Megan Fox goes, I've never seen any of the Transformers movies or watched any interviews, so I only had this vague notion of what she was like and tried not to let any hearsay taint what I thought of her. Personally, I thought she played the role well. She's also frickin' gorgeous without make up.

As for the movie as a whole, I wouldn't really call it a traditional masterpiece of cinema, but it proved to have a lot more depth to it than the advertising campaign had suggested. If taken purely on the level of horror, it's pretty much so so. I think it has its real worth as an examination of female friendships/relationships, how they can be so intense in adolescence and the whole alpha-girl-best-friend-sort-of-frenemy dynamic. I think Diablo Cody was really spot-on, really cognizant of all of that, and that's what really did it for me. (There's a line/moment in the beginning of the movie that just makes you go: "YES. GAY.") And from that point of view, the kiss totally made sense to me. (But it being Megan Fox and girl-on-girl, the media will do what it will.) There were some moments of dialogue that just made me flinch, but I think the actors do what they can to make it work. I've also got to give kudos on how well the soundtrack goes with the tone of the movie, it's just so...teenage, but with a tinge of edge. So, all in all, definitely enjoyable movie and one I could probably re-watch.